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Chalk / Blackboard Arrow


Our Chalk / Blackboard Arrows are available to hire and can be a creative addition to your wedding or event.  These Chalk / Blackboard Arrows are written on, using chalk or a chalk pen and you can write whatever you like on them, but we’ve put a few suggestions below.  Our Chalk / Blackboard Arrows are a fabulous and fun way of giving your guests information and ‘sign posting’ your event.  We’ve got lots of experience with these signs, so please feel free to contact us for some inspiration but have a look at our list below to help too, we don’t want your guests getting lost!

These Chalk / Blackboard Arrows are a sensible size, 45cm long x 20cm wide, and have been especially made for us.  If you do order our blank Chalk / Blackboard Arrows then you will need to get a chalk pen from a stationary shop.


Top Tip

Don't forget you will need to fix your arrows to their location, so take a hammer and nails and some pretty ribbon/string or cable ties to make sure it doesn't fall off!

Dimensions 45 × 20 cm

Replacement Costs: £15