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Old Silver Goblet


Our Old Silver Goblets are a fantastic magical and theatrical addition to any event.  They look particularly enchanting as part of a Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland themed centrepiece.  They can also be very atmospheric with castle themes and anything spooky for Halloween!  Some of our fun recommendations with these Old Silver Goblets would be to fill them with water and add some dry ice or standing the Old Silver Goblets on some books, in a lantern or a bell jar and team with other items to make an interesting focal point.  The Old Silver Goblets are approximately about the size of a champagne flute.

These Old Silver Goblets are tarnished which adds to their charm so please do not polish them.

Top Tip

It's really important to think about the overall display of the centrepiece and team with some of our other props. Remember, not all the tables have to be the same.

Dimensions 6 × 20 cm

Replacement Costs: £25 each