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Projector Screen Hire


Our Projector Screen Hire is just a little something extra to help make things easier on the day of your special event.  The Projector Screens for Hire are free standing pop up Projector Screens which make them very easy to assemble and dis-assemble. 

Many of the major parts of your wedding/event are speech based, therefore it’s important that your guests can hear and see easily so we’ve ensured our Project Screens are larger than average.

In addition to the Projector Screen Hire we also offer:

  • Handheld or Clip Microphones for Priests/Registrars/Rabbis
  • CD Player/iPod Connection for Ceremony Music
  • Speakers positioned discreetly for best impact
  • Projectors (for speeches that include pictures or videos)
  • Technical operators

Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure about what you require.

Top Tip

We also hire Projectors and Speakers too so all areas for your wedding/event are covered.

Replacement Costs: £150