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Submersible LED Light


Our Submersible LED Lights are available for hire and are a fantastic solution to add some lighting to your candle or flower arrangements.  These Submersible LED Lights are very bright and can be placed underwater for 48 hours. They are battery operated (take 2 x CR2032 batteries) which can be replaced, and they can be turned on and off.  The Submersible LEDs are great for floral designs in glass vases and when placed in the bottom of vases facing upward, they illuminate the entire vase, enhancing the water and stems.  Our Submersible LED Lights are stylish yet simple, and can also be hidden in aqua gel beads to cast an uplighting effect in vases too.  These Submersible LED Lights are really simple to use, simply remove the plastic tab, twist (until really tight) to illuminate and your Submersible LED Lights are fully waterproof and safe for use underwater. 

Our Submersible LED Lights are available in a variety of colours listed below. If the colour you require isn’t listed, please visit our contact us page to discuss your individual requirements. 

Batteries are included with this item.



Top Tip

Team the cool white Submersible LED Light with any other colour for a fresh, clean and vibrant finish.

Dimensions N/A

Replacement Costs: £2 each