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Battery Wireless LED Uplighter


Lighting at any wedding or event can make a big difference to a venue. Whatever your colour or theme, the lighting is really important to get right and we’ve got the right lighting to fit your theme.  Our Wireless LED Uplighters are an ideal solution for any lighting required at any wedding or event.  These LED Uplighters are wireless therefore can be placed anywhere in a venue without having to think about how to hide a wire and their colours can be remote controlled. Our LED Uplighters can make a massive difference to the atmosphere and mood of your venue. Our Wireless LED Uplighters are available to hire in any colour to match the colour and theme of your wedding or event. 

We use LED Slim Par Cans, which can be set to just one colour or scroll a number of colours.  They are also safe for children, they are low voltage and don’t get scalding hot (as some older models do).

We also have Halogen Uplighters available on a separate description. 


Top Tip

Utilize the Wireless LED Uplighters to either make examples of an area in your venue, like a cake stand or stage and use them to take away attention from areas you don't want your guests to see/look at.

Dimensions 15 × 15 cm

Replacement Costs: £95 each