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Burgundy Lace Overlay


Our Burgundy Lace Overlays are available for hire and add a sense of sophistication to any wedding or special event.  These exquisite Burgundy Overlays are high quality and designed to sit perfectly on a range of round, long and square tables.   Our beautiful Burgundy Lace Overlays look their most exquisite when laid over our coloured linen as shown in our photos.  Please check the exact table sizes before booking to ensure you get the perfect fit.

We also have this style of Lace Overlay in a variety of other colours which are listed in their own descriptions.


Top Tip

We'd advise making sure your tablecloths, which you will be laying your Burgandy Lace Overlays on, touch the floor to completely finish off the table decor.

Dimensions N/A

Replacement Costs: £25 - £50 depending on the size