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Baby Yellow Tablecloths & Napkins


Our Baby Yellow Tablecloths are the perfect pastel tablecloths and look fabulous at all types of events, but especially good if you want to enhance a garden themed event, add colour to an Easter celebration or Easter egg hunt and of course provides neutral colouring for all birthday parties. The light yellow gives a bright and light feel to a room, venue or event.

Available to hire, these Baby Yellow Tablecloths come in several sizes, both round and long to suit and enhance your event.  Our Baby Yellow Tablecloths look really good when mixed with lots of other colours and centrepieces such as punch bowls, mason jars or candelabras. We’ve got a selection of napkin colours to accompany our fabulous Baby Yellow Tablecloths, the bolder the better and they come in packs of 10.

These polyester tablecloths are also available in a variety of other gorgeous pastel colours: Baby Blue, Blush Pink, Lilac, Peach, Mint Pistachio.

If you need assistance as to what size will best fit your tables or if you would like a particular colour or size, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.




Top Tip

We'd recommend making sure you get the correct sized table cloth for your tables so they touch the floor. It looks best if you iron the top table cloths before putting them on the table.

Replacement Costs: £25-£65 depending on the size