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Gold Pin Tuck Tablecloths


Our Gold Pin Tuck Tablecloths are available for hire and are a great addition for your wedding or special event to add an air of class and sophistication.  These Gold Pin Tuck Tablecloths Style your tables from base to top to create an opulent and vibrant finish.  The Gold Pin Tuck Tablecloths feature intricately tucked rows of high quality, taffeta fabric and may need steaming once they are on the tables if you wish to create the perfect look.  We can provide the Gold Pin Tuck Tablecloths in 3 different table sizes; 120″/305cm Round, 90″/229cm Round or 6ft/183cm x 12ft/366cm Long.

The Gold Pin Tuck Tablecloths create a smart and elegant look to any table and we can also provide them in a variety colours which are listed in separate descriptions.  If the colours we have listed don’t match your colour scheme or theme, please visit our contact us page and we can look into sourcing it for you.



Top Tip

To make our Gold Pin Tuck Tablecloths look their best, we'd recommend using some dressmaking pins to neaten the corners.

Dimensions N/A

Replacement Costs: £30-£40 each depending on the size