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Ivory Candelabra with Crystals


Our Vintage Ivory Candelabra with Crystals are available for hire and are a stunning vintage addition for weddings or special events with this theme. These Vintage Ivory Candelabras come with Crystals dangling from the arms to really accentuate their beauty.  They really add a touch of shabby chic elegance to your venue.

Our Ivory Candelabras with Crystals are made from decorative iron with 4 arms to display different items.  These Vintage Candelabras can display a various amount of items from floral arrangements to gem strands to candles.  They can be dressed up or down depending on your style and taste.

Our Vintage Ivory Candelabras with Crystals are 20cm wide (at their widest point) and 70cm tall.

Top Tip

Minimalistic decoration is what works best with these Vintage Ivory Candelabras - let their crystals do the decorative talking.

Dimensions 20 × 70 cm

Replacement Costs: £40