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Vintage Glass Bowl


To add style to your vintage wedding or event theme, then our Vintage Glass Bowls will be perfect for you. Available to hire, the classical look vintage glass bowls are crystal faceted, which adds to the elegant look.

These vintage crystal cut glass bowls are great as centerpieces with vintage flowers inside or to use as other decoration around your venue. Each of our vintage glass bowls are unique and original, collected from car boot sales and antique shops over a number of years. These items are collection, and we are happy for you to choose your selection on collection.

The vintage glass bowls are available in a variety of sizes which are noted at checkout – however please note that these are estimated sizes.

Worthy of a place at any wedding or vintage table, these are classy, elegant and practical.


Top Tip

Add a fruit selection or sweet selection to your vintage glass bowls for a great look.

Dimensions N/A

Replacement Costs: £25 - 45 depending on size of bowl