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Hurricane/Storm Vase


Our Hurricane/Storm Vases are available for hire and are a lovely and simple addition to any wedding or event decor.  These Hurricane/Storm Vases look fabulous around your centrepiece with pillar candles in them, as a vase holding a flower display or to line the aisle of a wedding ceremony.  We’d also advise adding coloured stones, petals or pebbles to your Hurricane/Storm Vase display to make it more enticing.  Due to the Hurricane/Storm Vases having high sides, they offer wind protection to any candles they may be holding, so ideal for using in outdoor settings.

Our Hurricane/Storm Vases come in 4 different sizes; Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large.


Top Tip

We'd recommend raising our Hurricane/Storm Vases up on our candle stands to make them a real feature!

Dimensions N/A

Replacement Costs: £3.50 - £48 each dependent on the size