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Open Tapered Bowl


Our Open Tapered Bowls are available for hire, and are perfect if you wish to have a low level centrepiece with floating candles, petals or flowers.  These Open Tapered Bowls are narrower at the bottom than they are at the top, which make it one of our most popular vases as they can be so versatile.  You can fill them with sweets or cookies for a sweet treats table or baubles and lights for a Christmas theme.  We think our Open Tapered Bowls also look fabulous when lit with an under vase illuminator or waterproof LED for a more modern feel.

Our Open Taped Bowls are 17cm tall with a top diameter of 30cm and a base diameter of 8cm.

Top Tip

Why not hire one of our round mirrors to place the Open Tapered Bowls on, surround with petals, sparkles and tea lights for a truly glitzy finish.

Dimensions 30 × 17 cm

Replacement Costs: £7.50