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Wide Lily Vase


Our Wide Lily Vases are available for hire and are a brilliant way to make a fabulous statement with your centrepieces but still allow your guests to engage with each other across the table.  A really special thing about a Wide Lily Vase, is that you can fill the vase with lights, cellophane, fruit, flowers, coloured water or gel to have a contrast with a large floral arrangement coming out of the top.  Our Wide Lily Vases also look stylish when lit from underneath, giving a lovely modern and vibrant finish.

These Wide Lily Vases measure 15cm (top), 15cm (base) x 80cm tall.


Top Tip

We'd recommend placing the Wide Lily Vase on one of our round mirrors with some scattered petals and tea lights for added effect; it's not just about the top, it's about the bottom too!

Dimensions 15 × 80 cm

Replacement Costs: £25