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Candleabra with Black & Red Feathers & Phantom Mask

£50.00 per item

These 75cm candleabra centrepieces comes with 2 feathers, beads, music paper, candles & tea lights.  You can have the candelabra centrepieces with the phantom of the opera mask or without the choice is yours.  The candleabra itself also comes in a choice of colours silver, gold, off white, black or rose gold and a choice of feather and bead colour.  So for example you could have a gold candleabra with black feathers and gold and pearl beads for a gatsby party.  Let you imagination run wild.

Top Tip

Make sure you get a deep coloured linen! This centrepiece works best with black or burgundy tones.

Replacement Costs: £10-£50 depending on what gets lost / broken