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Cowboy Centrepiece with Hat, Lasoo & Bandana


Our Cowboy Centrepiece with Hat, Lasoo & Bandana is available for hire, and is a fantastic way to bring the Cowboy and Western theme to life at your party or event.  These Centrepieces are created by a traditional Cowboy Hat with a Red Bandana placed on top of a stand decorated with a rope Lasoo.  The stand is surrounded with iconic Western items such as artificial shrubbery, LED candles and a replica snake, and all being displayed on a mound of real sand to bring an authentic Western desert feel.  These rootin’ tootin’ Centrepieces are a brilliant way to bring some Western atmosphere to your themed party or event venue decor.

The cost of these Cowboy Centrepiece with Hat, Lasoo & Bandana does not include fitting, however if you would like to contact us we would be more than happy to provide you with a quote. 

Top Tip

We'd recommend placing the centrepiece on a plastic bag / mat so you don't ruin the table linen you will be putting it on and it will help clear away the sand once your party / event has finished.

Dimensions 30 × 80 cm

Replacement Costs: £45