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Greek Centrepiece with Bust Statue, Vase & Pillar Candles


Our beautiful Greek / Grecian Themed Centrepiece with Bust Statue, Vase & Pillar Candles is available for hire, and is an elegant way to bring an Ancient Greek vibe to your themed party or event.  This Centrepiece is a collection of iconic items associated with Ancient Greece.  It combines an artificial male Bust Statue, a white with gold decorated Urn and LED pillar candles wrapped with a gold leaf pattern, all surrounded by artificial Ivy to set the decor of your party or event tables back to Ancient Grecian times. 

Our Greek / Grecian Themed Centrepiece measures, at it’s tallest 32cm but this can be as wide as you like, dependent on how you choose to arrange the items. 

The cost of this Greek / Grecian Themed Centrepiece does not include fitting, however if you would like to contact us we would be more than happy to provide you with a quote. 

Top Tip

We'd recommend placing the items in this centrepiece outwards so something can be seen from all sides of the table.

Dimensions 32 cm

Replacement Costs: £70