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Mexican / Mexico Fans, Pompoms & Balls Package


Our Mexican / Mexico Fans, Pompoms & Balls are available for hire and are a really fun piece of decor for your themed party or event.  These Mexican / Mexico decorations, are an assortment of Paper Fans, Tissue Paper Pompoms and Honeycomb Balls which come in a range of different colours to help add a dash of colour to your party or event venue.  Each item is attached to a white ribbon so it is easy to hang / display around your venue.  You can hang them from the ceiling, above a table or outside from tree branches. 

The items in this Mexican / Mexico Package approximately measure: 7.5″/191cm, 11.6″/28cm and 16″/41cm Paper Fans, 10″/10cm x 25cm Tissue Paper Pompoms and 8″/4cm x 20cm Honeycomb Balls.  With this package, you will get an assortment of items for your Mexican Themed party or event. 

Top Tip

This assortment of items look great hanging from tree branches outside your venue. If your party goes on until late at night, you can even team them up with fairy lights.

Replacement Costs: £20 for pack