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Pirate Flag with Skull & Crossbones


No Pirate themed party or event is complete without a Pirate Flag, and we have them available for hire with the infamous Skull & Crossbones.  These Pirate Flags with Skull & Crossbones can be used as part of a table centrepiece, around your venue or in a tall vase.  They really add the authentic Pirate atmosphere to lure ‘me hearties’ in. 

Our Pirate Flag with Skull & Crossbones are made from cloth and measure 18″/46cm wide x 12″/30cm tall. They are attached to a 24″/60cm wooden pole, making them easier to display at your Pirate themed party or event. 

Top Tip

We'd recommend using old tall glass bottles to display your flags too - it will really bring an authentic Pirate feel to your party or event.

Dimensions 46 × 30 cm

Replacement Costs: £5 per flag