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Playing Cards

£0.05£2.50 per item

We have a large number of different sized playing cards available to hire.  The photos will give you inspiration.  The smallest are the standard playing cards which can be used with centrepieces, in bell jars, with vintage china or hanging on trees etc. The next size are the Large Playing Cards at 18cm tall, also used for centrepieces but also work on dessert buffets, card boxes, gift tables etc.   The XL are 28cm tall and are more for larger decor such as to hang on arches, mix with greenery or hang from the floor standing trees with the large pocket watches and arrows.  The Giant are 45cm and the Super Giant are 63.5cm both used for arches and larger installations or hanging from ceilings.  We also stock floor standing cards which stand at 154cm – listed seperately.  NB. Price is per card to hire.


Top Tip

If you would like to make holes or use sticky tape on our cards please tell us in ADVANCE as we already have stock that can be used for this purpose.


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Replacement Costs: Depends on size from £1 - £10