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Circular Ceiling Decoration


Our Circular Ceiling Decoration is the perfect way to adorn your venue ceiling with beautiful decoration.  These Circular Ceiling Decorations are exactly what they say, it is lines of either fabric / drapes, fairy lights or both decorating the ceiling in a circular pattern.  They really help to add some colour to your venue and are a brilliant alternative to bunting.

The Circular Ceiling Decorations come as either just the fabric / drapes, just fairy lights or both combined – you just need to make your selection from the options below.  The ceiling fabric / drapes also come in a variety of colours which are also listed below.  Each Line of Ceiling Decoration is made to measure (up to a maximum of 15 meters) and is charged per line.

This price includes fitting, if within a 15 mile radius of SG13 7NT (excluding Central London).  For venues out of this area, please go onto our contact us page and email us for a quote.


Top Tip

Our Circular Ceiling Decorations look at their best when they are matched with the accent colour or theme for your venue.

Dimensions N/A

Replacement Costs: £150 per line of fabric and £50 per line of fairy lights.